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Acala DVD 3GP Ripper is an application that allows you to convert a complete DVD - or just one of its chapters - to a 3GP file, the format usually used by smartphones and other portable multimedia players.

In addition to selecting a specific chapter, you can also choose the clip's language and whether or not you want it to include subtitles.

Acala DVD 3GP Ripper also allows you to choose the video's resolution and resulting bitrate. The three sizes included by default are: 320x240, 174x144, and 128x96.

Finally, the program includes the ability to adjust the final size of the video in MB. If you have a drive with one GB, and you want to save three movies to it, you can compress them in such a way that all three fit and you even have a little extra space left over.

The only inconvenient thing about the application is that you'll need to compress an entire chapter even if you just want to extract a few seconds. But even this is forgivable, since the result couldn't be better.
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